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Within the framework of the activities of the Operational Oceanography Service of ICATMAR, we are opening a selection process for three positions for the observation, analysis, and prediction program of the physical characteristics of the marine environment.


ICATMAR periodically publishes different types of documents which you will find accessible for download.

Anàlisi preliminar de les captures i percepció socioeconòmica del llagostí cafè, Penaeus aztecus, Ives, 1891 , a la mar de l’Ebre

En aquest informe es presenten les dades de les enquestes realitzades a la flota pesquera i personal de llotja que opera en la Mar de l’Ebre (des de les Cases d’Alcanar fins l’Ametlla de Mar) en relació a les captures i percepció socioeconòmica del llagostí cafè (Penaeus aztecus), procedent de l’Atlàntic nord-occidental i recentment detectada a Catalunya.

Warming and salinization effects on the deep-water rose shrimp, Parapenaeus longirostris, distribution along the NW Mediterranean Sea Implications for bottom trawl fisheries

The deep-water rose shrimp is a main resource for the GSA 6 bottom trawling fleet. In the last decade, landings have increased without a clear understanding of the causes. This study aims to analyze this trend, potentially related to changes in environmental conditions.

Who are we?

ICATMAR is carrying out a programme to monitor both recreational and commercial fishing along the Catalan coast, and a programme of observation, analysis and prediction of the physical characteristics of the sea.