Consult the latest ICATMAR reports

You can now consult and download the latest ICATMAR reports in the Publications section.

State of fisheries in Catalonia 2021, Part 1 contains, on the one hand, the results of the monitoring of the Catalan commercial fishing fleet throughout 2021 and, on the other hand, describes the changes and updates applied to the information systems and data analysis structures used for the preparation of this report. In addition, a spatial-temporal analysis of the structure by métiers of the Catalan trawl fleet is presented.

State of fisheries in Catalonia 2021, Part 2, presents the results obtained by ICATMAR using, for the first time, its own data for the assessment of fish stocks along the Catalan coast. The assessment is carried out for five target species of the WMMAP (Western Mediterranean Multiannual Plan): red mullet, hake, deep-water rose shrimp, Norway lobster and blue and red shrimp.

Finally, Fisheries advisory report for the Northern GSA6 2021 is a compilation of fisheries management considerations for GSA6, the geographical sub-area where the coasts of Catalonia are located. This report presents conclusions drawn from the monitoring carried out by ICATMAR for the Catalan trawl fishery, as well as an analysis of spatial fishing closures effectiveness in the north of Catalonia, among other considerations.