Our team

The team is currently composed by experts in marine sciences in the fields of biology, oceanography and information systems.


Data collection from commercial and marine recreational fisheries, analysis of samples in the laboratory, development of scientific papers.

Marc Balcells 

David Nos 

Xènia Puigcerver​

Alberto J. Rico​

Alba Rojas​

Ricardo Santos

Mireia Silvestre

Data analysis

Generation of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the storage, processing, visualization, analysis and evaluation of the data collected, using databases, software and geographic information systems.

Marta Blanco

Mariona Garriga

Marta Pujol

Jordi Ribera

Joan Sala

operational oceanography

Development, maintenance and execution of numerical models to predict the evolution of ocean currents and waves.

Concepcion Bueno

Savitri Galiana

Cristina Gonzalez Haro

Gerard Llorach Tó

Maribel Lloret

Justino Martínez

Jose A. Pozo

Lucía Quirós Collazos

Laia Viure

Knowledge transfer

Coordination of technical reports and scientific articles, work with students, creation of informative material, management of social networks, communication with administrations and the fishing sector.

Ferran Bustos

Marta Carreton

Eve Galimany

Scientific coordination

Researchers who act as project managers and ensure its coordination.

Pere Abelló

Joaquim Ballabrera

Ana I.

Joan B. Company

Emili Garcia Ladona

Jordi Isern Fontanet

Antoni Lombarte

Cristina López

Marcos Portabella

Laura Recasens

Pilar Sánchez

Ana Sabatés

Antonio Turiel

Roger Villanueva